Monday, 8 May 2017

The real story behind the false misconduct charge on Henry N. Portner

Henry N Portner USPTO was living the life of a reputed and respected attorney and practicing in several courts which included the United States Supreme Court as well as the United States Appeals Court. He also practices in other States of the United States of America including, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Florida among others. His specialization is Tax law and Bankruptcy Law. 

He has kept himself abreast of the times by also becoming something of an expert in Internet Law. He had no idea of the storm blowing across his successful career and life. Suddenly, out of the blue, the Internet spewed blog posts about ‘Henry N Portnerreprimandcase. The clients of Henry wore a puzzled look and soon queries began flooding the inbox of Portner as his life unwounded in a very short time. It was almost viral in speed.

The case against Henry N Portner

The Henry N Portner misconduct is false news as represented on the internet. The complaint on the internet wrongly accused Henry of mailing foreclosure notices as if it came from an official source and then arranging loan modification terms (for a fee). The facts are as follows – Henry N Portner was the owner or representing a loan modification company which was already in existence. Some of the accusations actually happened before the purchase by Henry. It later transpired that existing non-legal personnel of the company mailed some letters which were illegal. 

What did the Supreme Court of Florida do?

The Supreme Court of Florida took cognizance of this fact and levied a reprimand on Henry N Portner for not supervising non-legal staff in the loan modification company. The reprimand was timely in the sense that Henry became more diligent. It was at this time that some detractors in the legal world targeted Henry and posted false accusations via blogs and articles. Henry N Portner ethics are of the highest standards and all in the legal community are aware of the benchmarks Henry operates. 

As an academician his students are in awe of his principles as he lectures Masters students on Taxation Law. It is to the credit of Henry N Portner that as the head of the loan modification company that he took responsibility for the actions of the firm. The Supreme Court of Florida intended that this was the motive behind the reprimand.

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